The Big Week-End Crossword - Movies That Were Nominated For Best Picture But Did Not Win

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123                        4       
5  6   
7  8      9                                       
10                          11   
        12        13
              14  15            16                     
        18                        19    20   
  21                22             
    23        24               
25        26      27                         
      29  30         
33                34         
  35      36                                  37         
            39                    40      41   
        42          43     
            45    46                     
47        48                49                        50             
      52          53                    54
  55                      56             
57  58                       
      59        60                 
      63            64
  65                    66              67               
  68  69                 
  70                    71 
    72                73                         
7475                      76 
  80                          81
    83                                    84  85      86               
87              88                      89                90               
93          94                    95                 


  1. Could have been a whole lot lighter if he had just said 'Do No Evil'
  2. That's no name for a tram. (4)
  3. The daughter doesn't like her mum's new job so sleeps with her stepdad. (2)
  4. The governess is there to educate, the duke is happy, the duchess is not. (5)
  5. "Whenever you meet a beautiful woman, just remember somewhere there's a man who's sick of shagging her."
  6. How to get paid out twice for murder. (2)
  7. This movie is huge just like the state it was shot in.
  8. The hero is a cowboy his son is a Jnr.
  9. Big Daddy. (6)
  10. The first film noir?
  11. A frank spotlight on anti-Semitism, was this the first B-Grade movie to receive a best picture nomination?
  12. He wore sun glasses not just because he was a cool cat.
  13. Where were you that year? (2)
  14. "Smile you son of a bitch"
  15. Farewell French Fry. (2)
  16. The Thornton Square murder was done at night.
  17. More famous as the song in the movie Chicago. (3)
  18. He got a chance to show how he could play a piano, on his terms.
  19. Middle age is a good enough reason to drink before a wedding.
  20. This pacifist likes to cut down the glare before he takes aim. (2)
  21. "Remind me to send a thank you note to Mr. Boeing."
  22. It was not an old volley ball but he still lead.
  23. He loved the mother but he loves the daughter. (2)
  24. Relationships with the local women should not blossom, say good bye if they do.
  25. Where are you going my Latin general? (2)
  26. He proved it could fly and then didn't prove it again. (2)
  27. How to survive in the walls of a Parisian train station.
  28. Look at the end of the day, it's a large road. (2)
  29. After lunch he tries to raise some money for an operation, illegally. (3)
  30. Peraps not the best way to travel when avoiding Geronimo.
  31. Wish I had an excuse for that crime.
  32. In the city everyone wants a piece but good deeds are rewarded. (5)
  33. This is resolute and courageous movie stayed true to the original. (2)
  34. A sweet tooth for this gypsy boy.
  35. The ivories were not the only thing that got tickled in New Zealand. (2)
  36. A man, a plan and a boy scout.
  37. Rival actresses compete to get into show business through the side entrance. (2)
  38. Kansas it is not. (4)
  39. The duel was music to our ears.
  40. Fruity tick tock. (3)
  41. Me and my brothers worship your ass. (5)
  42. Getting naked when out of work is one way of paying the rent. (3)
  43. And you too Bruce?
  44. "I believe... I believe... It's silly, but I believe." (4)
  45. No it's not the kangaroo.
  46. From the beginng it's a weird way to dream.
  47. The rolling stone gathers no archaeologist. (5)
  48. Was it the milk that made this movie expensive?
  49. Is he conning us about his itch? Who nose. (2)
  50. Two in the hand is well worth it for Kate to sing this one. (2)
  51. I had a dickens of a time believing anything great was going to happen. (2)
  52. To prove he is there he uses a dime to open the door.
  53. In retrospect it was just one word on his death bed. (2)
  54. Birds of a Feather? She's a little cracked in the head. (2)


  1. The most famous rubber neck decades on still horrifies us. (2)
  2. The spinster is in love with a charming man, her wealthy father wonders why.
  3. He went to the capital. (5)
  4. Writing about death does not mean this relationship is on skid row.
  5. Psst. I know the answer (2)
  6. Look-up, it's midday. (2)
  7. She had to change vehicles to get home, that was somewhat of a rebirth.
  8. This out of this world entry is less routine but a desparate battle to survive for these three men. (2)
  9. Get this address 87 years ago and you have your leader.
  10. How to ride a scooter when in love.(2)
  11. He's a slave prince with prisoners for relatives, will he win the race on this ancient buggy? (2)
  12. Judy and Barbara didn't dream it first. (4)
  13. It's a shoe-in she will see red as she decides between love and the arts. (3)
  14. A couple of sailors sing, what else would you do when on leave? (2)
  15. Legally speaking the studied the murder. (4)
  16. It struck me how it is lunacy to think I could turn back time.
  17. Feeling a little blue about the tree of life.
  18. I am not an animal! I am a human being! man! (3)
  19. You'll remeber it as soon as you see it. (2)
  20. They court his vote but he dissents - they are very unhappy. (3)
  21. Is it love when she's not real?
  22. It's a good time for the end of the world. (2)
  23. Hitchock didn't appear in this lifeboat. (3)
  24. This governess educates with a song in her heart and light feet too. (4)
  25. Life without existence - angelic. (4)
  26. A strong-willed young peasant girl becomes the affection of two men.
  27. I think he is trying to kill me.
  28. After a few too many you too would be scared of this wild dog. (5)
  29. The Brits didn't like it, the Greeks had it and the Germans liked it - war is hell. (4)
  30. Doctor, how long will I be consious this time?
  31. This young lady's name could be the butt of jokes. (2)
  32. By George, I'm sure she's got it.
  33. He racked up the wins but no one wins when suicide is the result. (2)
  34. It's a love triangle: He is in love with her; she is not in love with her but will be in love with him; her father is in love with her aqnd is upset to find out he was actually in love with him.
  35. Only the French can dance like this (2)
  36. After the apocalypse it's good to know he will deliver. (2)
  37. She could never save her father but Walt did. (2)
  38. She laughs!
  39. The first is really the fourth. (2)
  40. The knight saves the king.
  41. Although she is solved this bungled crime it is not a labour of love, well not for another two months.

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